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Candle Club Rewards

Thank you for stopping by! Whether you're ready to purchase or just browsing, signing up for my Candle Club is easy. 
Earn points that accumulate with your purchase which you can use now or save for later!


Here's how:

*Simple Sign-up -100 pts
*Like/Share On Social Media Outlets - 100 pts
*Annually On Your Birthday - 200 pts
*With Every Dollar Spent - 4 pts/$1 spent (Spend $40 earn $1.50 off your next order!)
*Reviewing Your Candle Experience - 100 pts
*100 pts = $1


Your support and purchase from my small business matters to me so let me show my gratitude. By signing up for discounts and being rewarded for your hard earned money well spent, you bring a smile to my face as I will to your nose!!