Candle Jar Recycling Program

Candles By Ashley is pleased to introduce our Customer Recycling Program! We are always looking for ways to help our planet as well as our Candle Family and Friends and invite you to bring in your candle jars to have them refilled with your next candle fragrance at a discounted price. Candle vessels must be cleaned and returned in order to purchase your recyled priced candle by shipping them to us or dropping them off at our store located at:

2418 Freeport Road
Natrona Heights, PA 15065

The recycled costs of your refilled vessels are as follows:
16oz Mason Jar: $13 
12oz Canning Jar: $10
8oz Jelly Jar: $7
4oz Mason/Straight Jar: $4

Recycled candle pricing are exclusive of any coupons and discounts being offered at the time of return however, reward points will continue to accumulate on your account for refill orders. Let's do what we can to ensure were helping our earth by recycling our glass.