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Chakra Energy

Chakra Energy

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This earthy blend of fragrances will sure to delight your senses! 7 different fragrances and colors are celebrated, each one representing one of our Chakras. There’s more in depth information regarding our Chakras but for a quick reference, see below! 

Muladhara-(Root Chakra) our stability, security and our basic needs ( Frankincense & myrrh)

Svadhisthana-(Sacral Chakra) our sexual and creative expression (Orange blossom)

Solar Chakra) our personal power (Lemongrass/grapefruit)

Anahata-(Heart Chakra) our connection and love (Honeysuckle Jasmine)

Vishuddha-(Throat Chakra) speaking our highest truth and our verbal expression (Chamomile)

Ajna-(Third Eye Chakra) our intuition (Rosemary & Sage)

Sahaswara-(Crown Chakra) our spiritual connection to our higher selves and enlightenment (Cedarwood & Vanilla)